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The purpose of this blog is to provide the general public
a forum to post about their experiences with Chanel Melton.

I can provide an entire list of scams but I rather let others
post them on this site.

These are some sites she has promoted herself on. Not a bad job covering up the piece of garbage she is.






She's still a hooker. She had an affair with a married man. Can someone please fill in the details on the mess? I don't want to say something that isn't true so if anyone knows the details, please let us know. I'll be visiting this site for updates.


Rose Gold


Arrested for prostitution a bunch of times and she wants to a role model for other black women? Oh please! She tries to pump out a ton of press to burry her past but the problem is she is scamming everyone of their money and its starting to show. This is all smoke and mirrors like her photos. She is a hideous human inside and out. Here's a bunch of links she is on trying to make herself looks like some professional.




Wow thanks for the info!!




There's a ton of comments from many people regarding this fraudster. Check them out here.




she advertised on fam3lous before it happened and people went off, saying that she is a scammer, so fam3lous directed them to her page. she made this up, just like any other crisis in her life, to avoid angry scammed customers. no one will complain about hair they didn't receive or not getting their funds back to a rape victim. chanel is milking this rape claim to the fullest: she got a gofundme going, she is going to get a hair sale going and people will support it because "she is a rape victim", people are signing up for her webinar that is supposed to happen on mother's day, and she even claimed to be having some kind of event going on later this month. next time she needs to get away from her customers, she will claim her mom was murdered. i won't be surprised though. the vital monitor behind chanel on the picture only has one set of numbers. she photoshopped the others out because she doesn't know what they mean and their relevance. google how to read a hospital's vital monitor and you will see several sets of numbers


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